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Finding an Electrician

Most electrical work should be done by a licensed electrician. Only very minor procedures can be done by an experienced lay person. Anything beyond changing out a light fixture, light switch or electrical outlet should be done by a licensed electrician. If you are dealing with new construction and want to save a few dollars on labor costs, you can attach outlet, switch, and light boxes to the framing but leave all wiring to the electrician. These electrical boxes should be attached firmly to the framing and you should consult an electrician as to the positioning and location of the boxes.

Finding someone who is competent to work on your house is never easy, and when you're hiring an electrician, it's never more important.

While it can be a challenge at times, there are plenty of honest electricians and you don't have to pay more to get a quality electrician.

The vast majority of professional electricians are reputable. There are however a few out there that will take advantage of you. Beware of the electrician that tells you that your wiring needs to be replaced immediately or your house will burn. It may be true that the wiring needs to be replaced, but don’t agree to an unreasonable price out of fear. Instead, try to get a second opinion and estimate.

Wide price ranges for the same job is quite common so getting estimates is important when hiring an electrician. And how do you find a good electrician? Well one way might be to go to your local hardware store. If they don’t have someone that actually works for them, they probably at least have a list of electricians that they do business with on a regular basis.

Of course, there is always yellow pages and other types of ads and commercial that can be used for purposes of finding an electrician.

Word of mouth is probably one of the best ways to find a reputable electrician. If you know someone that has used an electrician recently, ask them about it. Here are a few basic questions to ask.

Were you satisfied with the finished product? Was the job done in a timely manner? Have there been any problems with the electricity since the work was done? Did the electrician obtain the necessary permits and arrange for the necessary inspections?

When you get in touch with an electrician, you should ask him a series of questions. This list should include the following: Are you a licensed electrician? Are you bonded? Will the total cost of the job include the cost of permits and inspections? Will you obtain the necessary permits and arrange for the necessary inspections? Have you done similar jobs for anyone in the area recently? Ask for references. Will you be available to do the job in a timely manner and how long will the job take? Will you do the work yourself or will there be others on the property and are they all bonded and licensed? How much demolition if any will have to be done and will you be repairing the damage? If not, do you have someone that you use to do this type of work?

Unfortunately for the avid do-it-yourselfer, there are very few things that are safe for them to do themselves. So until someone comes up with a way to make electricity safe to handle without special precautions, you are stuck with finding a professional for most of your electrical needs. Just remember to be cautious when you are dealing with electricity in any way and when looking for an electrician, get more than one estimate
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